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Thursday, 01 July 2010

Preparing your lawn for summer

I'm sure that we all enjoy seeing a luscious green lawn. But how do you manage to get that deep green colour.

This is how my garden maintenance service teams does it:
  1. In August/September (beginning of Spring) we start with scarifying the lawn but cutting it very short (almost down to the roots)
  2. This is followed by aeration, which is done with a spike roller.
  3. After this either topsoil or lawn dressing is applied. Topsoil is usually applied if the lawn area is uneven.
  4. The lawn should now be watered regularly, with a deep watering every time.
  5. After a couple of weeks, the lawn will be a be a lovely deep green colour.
  6. In October/November and also in April the lawn area should be fertilized with a fertilizer specifically designed for lawns. 
  7. At the beginning of the next spring, the process starts again.
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