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Monday, 13 September 2010

Moss and Algae and the removal of it

Moss is the furry green growth found growing on shaded riverbanks, paving and south facing brick wall that are permanently damp. There will often be ferns growing with it. Lichen is a type of fungus, and algae is a micro organism.

1.       Moss on pots and paving can be cleaned off with a stiff brush

2.       Using dry swimming pool chlorine, moss can be dusted lightly, and then scrubbed off later

3.       By scattering coarse salt on paving, growth of moss and algae can be discouraged.

4.       Algae can be cleaned by using a diluted mixture of pool algaecide. Usually mixed in a ration of 1:5 with water.

5.       Lichen on trees and rocks does not harm the plants. It just gives you an indiscation that the area is moist and shaded.

Moss and algae can provide an ‘ageing’ effect on walkways which landscapers sometimes include in their landscaping plans. But the negative side of this is that it can make the walkway slippery. When it does become slippery it is best to remove it.

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