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Tuesday, 07 December 2010

Composting Containers - From Pile to Bin

There are several different containers in which to make your own compost. The main ones are listed here in order of increasing complexity and generally speaking, increasing cost too.

  • Compost Pile. - The most basic method is an open heap or pile in a remote corner of the property. (Also much easier to make large quantities with this method)
  • Homemade Enclosure. - You can make your own out of stuff like chicken wire, wood, plywood, bricks, concrete blocks and so on. Make it no smaller than 1m by 1m by 1m. Make it no bigger than 5 times this volume.
  • Wire/Plastic Mesh Compost Pen. - Not really a bin at all, but more like a pen to enclose your open air heap. Cheap and easy to build. You turn the compost by hand.
  • Wooden Compost Pen. - Similar to the previous one, but normally made out of old pallets to form an open pen.
  • A Single Bin. - By far the most common setup.
  • Two Bins. - Two free-standing plastic bins with lids. Each one in turn is 'filled' and then left to compost. By the time the compost is ready to put on the garden, the other one is hopefully full.
  • Tumbler Bin. - Normally plastic, turned with a crank handle. Can be a bit heavy to operate, but makes the process of turning the compost a lot simpler
  • Worm Bins. - Only for household food scraps.
  • Rotating Orb Bin. - These are spherical or octagonal. You just roll them along the ground to turn the compost.
  • Indoor Compost Bins. - Some are computerized. Supposedly ideal for apartments. Also a way to recycle food waste instead of sending it to the landfill, even if you don't use the compost because you don't have a garden.

Having a lager garden myself, I make use of a compost pile, and always have compost spare to use in some of my clients gardens from my garden maintenance service.           

For more information visit A&F Complex Management.


Ellada said...

I have a home-made enclosure for my compost. I made it with wood and wire and it work very well.
Have a great day.

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Manar Koutb said...
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